Ideal for fine cutting of paper, film or cloth, rubbing instant lettering, punching holes and impaling specimens or small objects. Durable aluminium body casing with interchangeable points. Double ended cutter with 4 different tools - cutter, 2 rubbing points and needle like point. Tool points can be easily screwed out and reversed. Comes complete with blade snapper and 2 spare blades. Use NT replacement blades (BD100) in packs of 5. NT Cutter D-1000 was D500 Stylus Art Cutter Aluminium Holder.

•The light in weight snap off interchangeable blade is ideal to use as a stencil cutting knife and vinyl weeder for artists, sign writers, vehicle detailers and screen printers. It has interchangeable blades for cutting, pressing and piercing.

•Double-ended holder; blade on one end and lettering needle on the other

• Safe and easy to carry as blade and needle is stored inside the holder when not in use


*Pricing excludes GST and FREIGHT

RT-I-NT-D1000 NT Cutter-Art Knife 1 Qty AU$ 28.00

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