NT Professional Series
NT CUTTER A1000RP - 9mm Snap Blade Cutter NT CUTTER PRO A1-1P - 9mm Cartridge Cutter NT PRO H-TYPE Cutter 9mm - 30 Degree NT Red Dot Knife
NT-F3000P - 18mm Snap Blade Cutter      
9mm Snap Blade Cutters
Excel K70 Slim- 9mm Snap Blade Cutter NT CUTTER A300RP - 9mm Snap Blade Cutter NT CUTTER A552P - 9mm Cartridge Cutter NT CUTTER iA300RP - 9mm Snap Blade Cutter
NT CUTTER JA100P - 9mm Snap Cutter NT CUTTER K200RP - 9mm Snap Cutter NT CUTTER-EA300-Ultra Light 9mm Snap Blade Cutter OLFA - 180 - Light Duty 9mm Snap Blade Cutter
OLFA - A1 - Light Duty 9mm Snap Blade Cutter OLFA -S- Light Duty 9mm Snap Blade Cutter OLFA SPC1 - 9mm Snap Blade Cutter OLFA-SVR-1-Ultra Light Duty 9mm Snap Cutter
Deli 2051 - 9mm Snap Blade Cutter NT CUTTER A250RP- 9mm Snap Blade Cutter SDI 0404D - 9mm Snap Blade Cutter SDI 3000C - 9mm Snap Blade Cutter
SDI 3001C - 9mm Snap Blade Cutter      
18mm Snap Blade Cutters
NT-EL500 - 18mm Snap Blade Cutter NT-JL120P - 18mm Snap Blade Cutter NT-L300RP - 18mm Snap Blade Cutter NT-L500GP - 18mm Snap Blade Cutter
NT-L550GP - 18mm Snap Blade Cutter NT-L600GP - 18mm Snap Blade Cutter NT-L700RP - 18mm Snap Blade Cutter OLFA L1 - 18mm Cutter
OLFA-L5AL SDI 0426D - 18mm Snap Blade Cutter SDI 3051C - 18mm Snap Blade Cutter NT-L500P - 18mm Snap Blade Cutter
Extra long handle cutter      
Art Knives
9mm Stainless Steel Auto-Lock Graphics Knife (SAC-1) Excel Hobby Art Knife GYRO-CUT Craft & Hobby Tool Hobby Art Knife
NT CUTTER Art Knife NT D300 Art Knife SDI 0439C - 30 Degree Snap Blade Cutter Excel Hobby & Craft Mini Kit
INGENUITY PRECISION CUTTER Executive Retractable Knife Non Roll Art Knife  
Single Sheet Cutters
Olfa Top Sheet Cutter Single Sheet Cutter with Adjustable Blade Cobra Paperback Cutter Economy Liner Tool
Paperback Cutter      
Excel Soft Grip 8" Scissors Scissors    
Circle Cutters
Circle Cutter Compass Circle Cutter,    
Speciality Knives
Mini Small Cutter NT P500GP - Plastic Cutter Biddi Safety Knife Deburring Tool
The Striper - Double Sided Knife Tajima LC701 - Plastic Cutter Olfa Magnetic Touch Knife Olfa Touch Knife
Lamination Film Slitter Vinyl Cut-off Knife Pounce Wheel Set 3Pcs  
Utility Knives
Revo Lock-back Utility Knife      


Whether you operate a sign Industry, work in a warehouse, or own your own retail store, there are several tools that play important roles across the board. Perhaps the most common is the humble knife. From opening boxes to cutting through corrugated plastic signs to trimming displays and posters, the right knife is a highly beneficial tool. Of course, you do need to ensure that you have the right type, and that you have replacement blades for your knives.

Snap-Off Blade Knives
One of the most commonly used types of knives in the world today is the snap-off knife. It uses a system of connected blades that form a single whole within the central body of the knife. A slider allows you to extend the blade or retract it. When the current blade is dull, simply snap off the old blade and you have a pristine new one to take its place. Dispose of the old blade carefully, and you’re ready to get back to work.

Hobby/Art Knives
These knives have become famous for their precision and incredible sharpness. They’re used by hobbyists, such as model makers, but they can also be used in a wide range of other situations. Tapering to a pronounced point, they’re capable of both long cuts and point work. While there are several different blade systems out there, the most common uses a locking handle that clamps tight around the blade, and is secured by a threaded grip.

Utility Knives
Utility knives are similar to snap-off blade knives, at least in appearance. A slider allows you to extend or retract the blade into the handle. However, the blades are very different. Rather than multiple blades attached in sequence as with snap-off blade knives, utility knives use a single blade at a time. The handle usually holds spare blades, so replacing the blade is a simple process. Just open the handle, remove the old blade and replace it with a new one. Dispose of the old blade safely in a blade disposal container.

Paperback Cutter
For those who need to remove backing paper from decals, stickers and other printed material, it can be a tricky process. With regular knives, it’s far too easy to cut through both the backing material and the decal itself. That’s where a paperback cutter comes in. These knives are specially designed to work perfectly with backing paper, allowing you to slit through the paper without damaging the film side.

Olfa Touch Knife
Similar to snap-off blade knives but compact and designed for easy carrying, Olfa knives are ideal solutions for those who need a small knife with them at all times to handle package strapping, box tape and other issues. Olfa knives are available in standard and magnetic back varieties, but all feature a keychain hole and slide functionality.

Real Time Media Solutions offers the broadest range of knives and blades on the market to ensure that you always have the tools necessary. Whether you’re running your own business or managing an entire warehouse, we can help.