Brass Silver Colour Grommets

• Made of Brass

• No rusting issues

• Can be used outdoor

• Available in three sizes 10mm, 11.9mm and 13mm

• Brass .35mm thickness. 


*Pricing excludes GST and FREIGHT

RT-IS-SM-100S Silver 10mm-Brass Grommets-Small Size 100 Qty AU$ 10.00
RT-IS-SM-500S Silver 10mm-Brass Grommets-Small Size 500 Qty AU$ 30.00
RT-IS-MD-100S Silver 11.9mm-Brass Grommets-Medium Size 100 Qty AU$ 11.50
RT-IS-MD-500S Silver 11.9mm-Brass Grommets-Medium Size 500 Qty AU$ 35.00
RT-IS-BG-100S Silver 13mm-Brass Grommets-Big Size 100 Qty AU$ 13.00
RT-IS-BG-500S Silver 13mm-Brass Grommets-Big Size 500 Qty AU$ 39.00