Fabric Cutting Tools

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Fabric Cutting Tools

Whether you operate a clothing or fashion business, or you’re a hobbyist working at home, you need the right tools for the job. Cutting fabric is a tough task, and one that requires specially designed cutting tools. Our fabric cutting tools help you be more productive, create straighter cuts, and to do so in less time. You’ll never need to waste time with fabric scissors again when you have access to our powerful tools.

Replace Your Manual Scissors
Fabric shears have long been the go-to solution for seamstresses and clothing designers. However, they’re tough to handle, tiring for your hand, and they eventually wear out. Real Time Media Solutions offers an outstanding set of EasyCutter Electric scissors designed specifically for use with fabric. They’re versatile and safe to use, and they can also cut through paper, vinyl and other material without the same concerns as if you were to use a pair of shears for the same purpose.

Our EasyCutter comes as a full kit, featuring seven pieces. You get the cutter body, as well as two blades (standard and flat-based). It also includes a battery charger and battery, as well as a battery eliminator (direct power) so you can get the job done. The ergonomically designed handle fits the curve of your fingers perfectly, offering relief from fatigue and discomfort.

Fabric Cutter Hot Knife
The reason for the diamond shaped blade edges on fabric shears is to help eliminate fraying at the cut. However, there are better ways to both cut your fabric and ensure that fabric doesn’t fray. Our Fabric Cutter hot knife heats up to 500 degrees in just a few seconds (6 to 8). Once at operating temperature, you can cut your fabric and the heated blades fuse the material at the cut site to ensure no fraying occurs. It leaves you a smooth, usable edge as well. Interestingly, the knife allows you to do more than just cut fabric – you can also weld two pieces together with a super-strong bond.
You’ll find that the Fabric Cutter lives up to its name, allowing you to cut a very wide range of fabric types, including sale cloth, ropes, and even synthetic fabrics. With a blade that heats up in just seconds, you have access to a tool that improves productivity and speed. Our kit includes– the knife body with cord, blades and a cleaning brush to remove debris from the cutting blade.
Our fabric cutting tools offer enhanced productivity, better quality and easier use. Whether you’re welding ropes together, cutting vinyl decals, cutting fabric or something else, you’ll find these tools of immense value. Real Time Media Solutions offers high-quality products that stand the test of time, and we’re proud of the reputation we’ve built with our satisfied customers. If you have questions or concerns, feel free to contact us directly and one of our experienced representatives will get in touch quickly. From hobbyists to large businesses, we supply the tools that keep you going.