VHB Acrylic Clear Foam Tape

Ultra High Bond Acrylic Clear Foam Tape:

Ultra High Bond Acrylic Clear Foam Tape a remarkable product. When used correctly the bond strength achieved is truly strong enough to replace welds, screws and rivets. It is used to hold signs, boards, panels, strips, trims, profiles and emblems.

This clear version has an excellent transparency making it invisible and highly suitable for applications involving glass, acrylic and perspex.

Comparable To

3M VHB 4910

Description: Acrylic Foam Tape Clear

Carrier: Acrylic

Colour: Clear

Tape thickness: 1.0mm

Liner: Red film

Typical application: Sign and Display Fabrications

Range of application:

Suitable for various demanding bonding applications interior as well as exterior, metals, glass, powder coated surfaces, badges and trims, signs and display assembly.


*Pricing excludes GST and FREIGHT

RT-B-001-12 Signbond Acrylic Foam Tape-12mmx33m 1Qty AU$ 29.50
RT-B-001-24 Signbond Acrylic Foam Tape-24mmx33m 1Qty AU$ 59.00