Masking Tape - All Purpose

Masking tape is an adhesive creped paper tape coated on one side with rubber-based adhesive.

The adhesive is formulated so that it leaves no traces after removing the tape.

Masking Tape widely apply for the following field:

1) Masking of surfaces during spraying, painting, lacquering and plastering

2) Masking of auto body components during auto painting (in case of heat-chamber drying, a special thermo stable tape should be used)

3) Protection to metal, plastic or glass surfaces against scratching

4) Covering of sharp edges to afford their safety

5) Arrangement of small technical components (e.g., transistors) in line by gluing them on the tape

6) Protection of mirror or glass edges against spelling

7) Butt splicing of paper tapes and paper sheets.


*Pricing excludes GST and FREIGHT

RT-B-004-12 Masking Tape 12mmx50m 1 Qty AU$ 1.40
RT-B-004-24 Masking Tape 24mmx50m 1 Qty AU$ 2.80
RT-B-004-48 Masking Tape 48mmx50m 1 Qty AU$ 5.60