Banner Seaming Tape - Double Sided

Banner Bonding Tape 24mm x 50mtr(1163) This high performance Banner Bonding Tape has been specifically designed for high stress bonding applications and provides a permanent bond on film, cloth, plastics, painted and unpainted wood, metal profile extrusions and composite materials subjected to a broad range of environmental conditions. Used in bonding vinyl materials in sign industry. • For better results, after application leave it for one day and try. It will be much stronger .


*Pricing excludes GST and FREIGHT

RT-B-1163-12 Banner Seaming Tape-Double Sided-12mmx50m 1Qty AU$ 10.00
RT-B-1163-24 Banner Seaming Tape-Double Sided-24mmx50m 1 Qty AU$ 16.00
RT-B-1163-36 Banner Seaming Tape-Double Sided-36mmx50m 1 Qty AU$ 21.00