Double Sided Tapes

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Double Sided Tapes

There are few materials as versatile as tape, and double sided tapes come in a wide range of types to fit a variety of different needs. Whether you’re working on a display sign or need heat resistance in your tape, Real Time Media Solutions can help. Our selection of double sided tapes provides you with versatility, quality and the ability to get the job done right the first time.

The Wide Range of Tape Types
There’s a type of tape to fit virtually any job. Need an almost invisible double-sided tape under a piece of vellum or translucent paper for your display? Tissue tape is the best option. Need a super secure hold under an opaque paper? Hi-Bond PET Red Tape will do the trick. Of course, knowing your options is necessary in order to choose the right type of tape. While all double sided tapes will hold your items together, they’re not all created to fit every need.

UHB Acrylic Clear Foam Tape – Need the advantages of foam tape, but have a project that requires see-through adhesive? Where other tape would show through, UHB Acrylic Clear Foam Tape is virtually undetectable, allowing you to create an invisible bond for your display.
UHB Acrylic Grey Foam Tape – If you need the flexibility of foam tape and are working with opaque materials, UHB Acrylic Foam Tape is the ideal solution for your needs. It’s also ideal for adhering to things like metal and powder coated materials where other tapes fail.

Hi-Bond PET Red Tape – When you’re dealing with potentially high temperatures and need a tape that will do the trick, this translucent red tape is an ideal option. It also holds up in the presence of plasticisers.

Double Sided Tissue Tape – While this tape might be highly used in the printing industry, it’s much more versatile than that, and can offer an almost unnoticeable bond under a variety of different surfaces. It’s also ideal for use with photos and art.

Double Sided Cloth Tape – Where do you turn when you need to bond something to wood or metal? Glue isn’t the only option. Double sided cloth tape can do the trick easily. It’s very strong with high-tack adhesive, and can even be used in the installation of carpeting.

Heat Resistant Tissue Tape – This double sided tape combines the benefits of tissue tape with high resistance to heat found in a very wide range of applications. It’s also designed to work with myriad materials, including glass, wood and metal.

Real Time Media Solutions believes in providing our customers with access to the right types of double sided tapes. Whether you’re working with glass, wood, metal, powder-coated forms or something else entirely, we have a tape type to fit your needs. We’re also dedicated to providing some of the best pricing in the industry, ensuring you get the adhesion you require at a price that won’t break the bank. We invite you to peruse our selection of double sided tapes and choose the one that’s right for you.