Bamboo Displays

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Bamboo Displays

Whether you’re creating a banner, a brochure, a sidewalk sign or a countertop sign, you need a way to support and display that sign, or you will not be able to reach your audience. Enter our bamboo displays – they combine the beauty and eco-friendliness of bamboo with the ability to display your content required to make an impact on your audience. Real Time Media Solutions is proud to offer a wide range of different bamboo displays to fit your needs. Whether you’re in need of countertop displays, banner displays, sidewalk sign displays or something completely different, we can help.

Why Bamboo?
Given the range of other materials on the market, you might wonder why our bamboo displays are right for your needs. Beyond our broad range of types, the benefits centre on the bamboo itself. It’s a completely green material, and no trees are felled to create these stands. It’s 100% eco-friendly. Of course, bamboo is also highly durable, very light, and as strong as or stronger than most competing materials. It’s the perfect solution for your needs.

Bamboo X Banner Stand
Our Bamboo X Banner Stands cost just $24.00 and are the perfect solution for supporting your banners. Whether for in-store advertising or promotion at a trade show, you’ll find these bamboo displays are lightweight, easily portable, and very sturdy.

Luxury Bamboo Banner Stand
For those seeking something a bit larger than our Bamboo X Banner Stand, we offer our Luxury Bamboo Banner Stand. This retractable floor standing banner display is perfect for larger banners and allows easy portability thanks to its retractable design. Just pull down to display your banner and then retract when you need to move.

Economy Bamboo Banner Stand
For those with larger banners but smaller budgets, our Economy Bamboo Banner Stand fits the bill nicely. Created from 100% natural bamboo, this stand is sturdy, lightweight and easily portable.

Bamboo Brochure Stand
Designed to highlight your brochures and other literature, our Bamboo Brochure Stand is both beautiful and eco-friendly. It’s constructed of 100% bamboo, and we’ve designed it to be the perfect size for displaying your printed material.

Bamboo A Stand
Our Bamboo A Stand is the ideal option for sidewalk signs and much more. Anywhere that you might use a traditional metal A stand, our Bamboo A Stand can fill in easily. Constructed from 100% natural bamboo and designed to hold signs just like yours, it’s a perfect solution to your needs.

Easel Stand
Our bamboo Easel Stand is designed to capitalise on those missed moments when it comes to grabbing customer attention. The beautiful, eco-friendly stand helps to draw the eyes of passersby to your sign, boosting visibility while helping the environment.

Countertop Mini Pull up Stand
Maximise your countertop display space with our compact, yet beautiful Countertop Mini Pull up Stand. Ideal as a shelf-topper or for use near your POS, these displays can hold a range of materials easily.

Countertop Mini L Banner Stand
If you’re looking for something a little larger for use on your counters, our Countertop Mini L Banner Stand will do nicely. Elegant and durable, it’s the ideal way to display to make use of smaller spaces.